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"Finally, someone built a loyalty program for the 21st century. I've honestly been so fed up with existing loyalty programs so when we found Toki, we knew we had a better way to serve our community of 50,000 customers. "

Tom Worcester
Founder, Lunchbox Packs

"Toki is the best value in ecommerce rewards, period. Their feature set is second to none in our experience, and their unreasonably accommodating support makes it feel like we have our own rewards team in-house. I tried several others in the past that never got fully implemented because the support was weak - Toki simply MAKES IT HAPPEN."

Brad Savage
Founder, Gardencup

"We recognized the importance of a loyalty program for our brand, and sought a solution that could offer more than just cash back and incentives to our customers. Toki was that solution! The product itself is outstanding, constantly evolving, and has proven to be highly effective in increasing customer engagement and boosting revenue."

Hardeep Singh
Growth, Dr. Jen's

"The best rewards app for Shopify that I've tried. The support from the Toki team has been great, both in terms of responsiveness and for customizing our program. Would highly recommend."

Tobias Töpel
Co-founder, SACHEU Beauty

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Feature Comparison

Tiered Rewards
Paid Memberships
Rewards for Quizzes, Polls + Zero Party Data Collection
Omnichannel Referrals
Push Notifications
Discount Codes + Giftcards
(ability to use multiple coupons on one purchase)

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Toki's on chain product allows your customers to exchange their loyalty assets with one another as well as send them to friends. All interoperability is tracked on chain so clearr, transparent experiences for all.

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Toki powers smart contracts for ERC-20, ERC-1155, ERC-721 and soul bound tokens so you can create an experience that fits your ever changing customers, in an ever changing environment.

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