Super Powered Referrals for Super Power Brands

Ever wonder why your referral program feels meh?
Unlock the power of super referrals with the Toki Playbook.

Mobile Notifications

Connect with your referral partners through push notifications with our unique Apple Wallet integration

Integrated with Loyalty Seamlessly

Promote referrals to your loyalty members throughout their consumer journey

Features of focus

Toki's Approval System allows you to create a portal so that you affiliates can apply to your affiliate program creating a more exclusive experience around your brand.

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Create an exclusive referral experience and understand your referral members better than ever with custom data field collection in the application component.

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With white label onsite components, you can create the referral program of your dreams and make it look like YOU.

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Why Use Toki for Referrals

We give you the toolkit to maximize your referral revenue by reaching your superfans at the right place, at the right time

Flexible Rewards Structure

Structure your program with incentives that fit your brand - points, store credit or cash.

Spending Requirements

Set up spending requirements so a referral does not count unless the purchase is over a certain value.

Limits for First Timers

Limit referrals to only first time purchases to ensure no affiliates can gamify your system (in the bad way).

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