Super Powered Referrals for Super Power Brands

Ever wonder why your referral program feels meh?
Unlock the power of super referrals with the Toki Playbook.

Painless Payouts

Automatically pay your affiliates in points, store credit or cash for supporting your brand

Tiered Referral Structures

Give certain affiliate segments certain rewards based on what tier they are in or what activities they have done i.e. Referred 3 friends, get 15% kick back; Referred 10 friends, get 20% kickback

Composable Safelinks

Set up your affiliate links to either be permanent and personal so they can share the same code/link every time OR offer safelinks so codes are unique and cannot be abused

Features of focus

Toki's Approval System allows you to create a portal so that you affiliates can apply to your affiliate program creating a more exclusive experience around your brand.

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Toki's on chain product allows your customers to exchange their loyalty assets with one another as well as send them to friends. All interoperability is tracked on chain so clearr, transparent experiences for all.

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Toki powers smart contracts for ERC-20, ERC-1155, ERC-721 and soul bound tokens so you can create an experience that fits your ever changing customers, in an ever changing environment.

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Why Use Toki for Referrals

Building on a decentralized database has benefits for both you and your customers. We are happy to be your guides throughout your onchain journey.

Flexible Rewards Structure

Structure your program with incentives that fit your brand - points, store credit or cash.

Spending Requirements

Set up spending requirements so a referral does not count unless the purchase is over a certain value.

Limits for First Timers

Limit referrals to only first time purchases to ensure no affiliates can gamify your system (in the bad way).

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