Convert loyalty members Faster with tokiEngagement

Capitalize on your hard earned paid traffic with engagement tools that convert website visitors to loyalty members and loyalty members to customers faster than ever before.

Surveys + Polls

Get your fans to weigh in on your product and brand decisions before or after purchase - you collect insights, they collect rewards!

Challenges + Quests

Activate your superfans in real time by challenging them to complete quests in quick, real time.


Excite your superfans with quizzes and reward them when they get the right answer. They'll be checking the leaderboards weekly!

Features of focus

With Toki's blockchain product, brands can embed their own branded wallet on their website without any complicated authentication. Your customers can hold blockchain assets in this branded wallet and move them to other on chain wallets such as Coinbase and Metamask.

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Toki's on chain product allows your customers to exchange their loyalty assets with one another as well as send them to friends. All interoperability is tracked on chain so clearr, transparent experiences for all.

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Toki powers smart contracts for ERC-20, ERC-1155, ERC-721 and soul bound tokens so you can create an experience that fits your ever changing customers, in an ever changing environment.

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Why use Engagement Tooling

Building on a decentralized database has benefits for both you and your customers. We are happy to be your guides throughout your onchain journey.

Engaging Pre Conversion Capture

A decentralized and immutable ledger ensures transparency and trust among participants. By implementing loyalty programs on the blockchain, all transactions and interactions can be recorded and verified, building trust among brands and customers.

Strategic Post Purchase Activation

Blockchain provides enhanced security features through consensus mechanisms. By leveraging blockchain, brands can significantly reduce risks of fraud such as counterfeit points, unauthorized redemptions, and more, as the blockchain is tamper-resistant and cannot be (easily) altered or manipulated.

CRM Integrated

Blockchain can enable customers to maintain ownership and control of their loyalty points, even if they switch loyalty programs or platforms. This portability and flexibility enhance the value and convenience for customers.

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