Grow faster by working together

Single player loyalty programs are a thing of the past. The future is multi-player. Create alliances with likeminded brands and grow your loyalty membership and your customer base faster than ever before.

Get more loyalty members

Give loyalty members perks not only with your brand, but also with alliance branded and watch your loyalty sign ups boom

See engagement activation rates

Watch your loyalty members engage with cross brand perks and even exchanging between brands resulting in constant engagement

Acquire likeminded customers

Do promos with alliane brands and watch customers you wouldn't otherwise have access to learn about your brand (from a trusted source no less)

Create alliances in your category or across the map

From pet brands to fashion brands, you are sure to find likeminded partners in the Toki ecosystem. Use our smart matcher to find the right partners or bring your friends on easily.

How it works

Search alliance brands in the Toki platform and get smart, suggested alliances from a wide history of customer data. Set up a loyalty alliances in just three clicks.

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Loyalty alliances for discounts and exchanges can be dual permissioned so you have full control over who engages with you and who you engage with.

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Loyalty alliances can be promoted onsite with Toki design components as well as in email and SMS with easy to use integration blocks.

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