How it works

Connect your chosen subscription platform

Toki integrates with the leading subscription platforms to ensure the best results no matter your tech stack

Incentivize subscription sign ups or continuations

Go to your Toki Portal and set up rewards activities such as Subscription Sign Up Activity or Subscription Continuation Activity to activate as you choose

Start giving rewards

Start seeing your sign ups and LTV increase as you incentivize the behaviors your want i.e. more subscribers + longer subscriber lifetimes

ways to reward your subscribers

Incorporate gifting into your subscription cycle in order to incentivize your customers to stay on. Turn on automated email and SMS notifications to let your customers know about their next order and the gift included in their subscription.

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Give your subscribers cash back on their subscription orders so they have a reason to keep coming back month over month. Cashback can be applied automatically or manually through your subscription account portal

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Give your customers store credit or point bonuses for hitting certain benchmarks in the subscription timeline - i.e. a 2x accelerator after being a subscriber for one year.

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