Partner Benefits

All Things Retention

We have a Slack channel with over 2k users and a newsletter with more than 5k subscribers. These people include retention strategists from some of the best brands in DTC.

Full-Service Support

Toki offers comprehensive services including white glove onboarding, strategy, and integrated slack channels.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

We are active on Twitter and Linkedin and are always engaging with the DTC community.

Integrations & Partners Page

We can list you on our website under our integrations and partners page. All we will need from you is logos and a blurb on what you guys do…

Events & Dinners

We are always looking for new opportunities to get in front of brands and create great experiences.

Have some questions on the implementation side of things before getting started?

If we aren’t in a slack channel together already, we would love to be. Our Documentation Portal is a whole vibe.

is a full suite retention software which means it is a combination of multiple
Shopify Products.

See Toki VS other competitors

The big picture features unique to Toki that you will not find with legacy platforms

Zero Party Data i.e.
Reward for Completing Profiles
Wish Lists
Apple Wallet Passes (+ push notifications)

Detailed minutiae related to loyalty that is unique to Toki that you will not find with legacy platforms

Ability to decide between a program that utilizes discount codes and gift cards.
Functionality which allows users to spend exactly how many points they want to spend. (instead of specific coupon rates i.e. $20 coupon, $10 coupon)
Ability to control stickability (or combinations) or discount codes.