Three principles behind Toki Earned Loyalty

Your customers want to accumulate store credit and collect cash back. Toki programs create a seamless collection experience so there is no math for you or for your customers.

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Your customers aren't coming to your website and looking for your rewards page on a regular basis. In order to activate them, you must meet them where they are throughout the customer journey. With Toki, you can place components at the first touch all the way through marketing automations to engage with your customers and reward them constantly.

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Your avid customers are craving ways to support you and reap the benefits. And giving them $10 on their birthday doesn't cut it anymore. Activate your superfans with activated loyalty campaigns on a regular basis in order to not only maximize your potential revenue from your loyalty customers but also use them as a tool for organic growth.

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magic Features to max results

Toki 10x activation rates aren't just by random chance. Take a look at the Toki strategy and you'll quickly understand what drives better results

Surprise and Delight

Shock and awe your customers with rewards throughout their entire customer journey from first touch to post purchase

Reward Social Activities

Boost your social engagement by rewarding your superfans for liking, posting, commenting, following and more on all social channels

Amp up Referrals

Enable simple 'Give $20, get $20' programs in one click or go as far to enable Apple Wallet referral passes to really engage your superfans

Reward Zero Party Data

Incentivize for profile completions, quizzes, surveys and more with store credit, cashback or gifts any time

Activate with Loyalty Campaigns

Toki is not about passive rewards. With campaigns, enable ongoing reasons for your customers to participate with airdrops, challenges, voting activities and more

Integrate with Email + SMS 

Keep up with your superfans with automated touchpoints with tags via your favorite CRM

Types of powerful Engagement

Not interested in diluting your brand, Toki can be set up to reward your community with non-discount oriented rewards like exclusive access to new drops, gifts, digital collectibles and more.

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Loyalty Activations can be done through automations or campaigns. Toki enables giveaways, scavenger hunts, leaderboards and more fun onsite engagement tools to promote in marketing initiatives. Both enable you to activate your most powerful customer to find net new interested fans.

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Toki powers co-creation through engaging voting tools which can be permissioned based on a loyalty members tier in your program. These votes can then be tagged and segmented for later communication.

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Features to Maximize Results

You are collecting a lot of data on your customers with the Toki platform, let's put it to work. The Audience Segmentation feature allows you to cut your loyalty members into segments based on their rewards, voting activities, challenges completed and more in order to engage with them on other marketing channels and create lookalike audiences.

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Toki Analytics give you a real time look at how engaged your loyalty base is and what makes them tick down to onsite clicks. Get a good sense of - what membership tiers are working best, what activities are motivating members the most and what perks they value greatest.

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Customize over 20+ onsite components in order to promote your program in the right place at the right time. With white label branding, your customers will never know you are using an easy plug-and-product.

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