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Introducing the
Modern Loyalty Playbook

Built by marketers for marketers. We understand the tools you need to activate your audience in a a meaningful way to drive your topline to the moon.

Paid Memberships

Generate revenue by offering lifetime, annual or monthly memberships in exchange for unique perks.

Tiered Loyalty Rewards

Allow your fans to earn their way into tiered memberships with perks, discounts, gating and more.

Subscription Incentives

Having trouble getting subscription users? Seeing drop off in month 3? Incentivize your customers with rewards for signing up + staying on.

Deposit Memberships

Ever wanted to power a membership deposit like Starbucks? Now you can. Allow your customers to deposit funds in their branded wallet to use for later with perks attached.

Loyalty Alliances

Muliplayer is the name of the game. Join up with other brands in offering joined loyalty benefits.

Hybrid Programs

Why choose one when you can give your customers it all? Create blended programs to maximize your customer activation.

The Organic Growth Tool You Have Been Looking For

This year is the year you break up with big tech. We are here to give you the tools you need to build a sustainable, profitable business through more repeat purchases and organic traffic.

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Consumer-First Features

We keep your consumers in mind every step of the way.

Store credit + Cash Back

Points don't matter anymore. Your customers want to accumulate store credit to use on future purchases. Or get cash back to spend anywhere!

One Branded Wallet

Your customers no longer need to login to 20 different accounts to find their loyalty credits. One wallet, one login, connected to Shopify.

Over 20+ onsite components

Our onsite components give your brand the fully custom, white label look for you to promote your program.

Helping You Collect the Data + Content You Need to Win

Power unique experiences that offer real value for real participation.

Zero Party Data

Reward for survey, quiz and profile completion so you can better segment + sell to your customers

User Generated Content

Reward for photo and video submissions so you have ample people talking about you on the channels that matter


Reward for program sign ups and purchases because you know word of mouth is everything


Reward for offline activities like retail purchases, QR code scanning and NFC chip activities

Loyalty you can be proud of

This is the type of platform that you are going to want to talk about at the dinner table. The one that's going to get you that promotion. You know the type. Here's why..

Read Five Star Reviews from our Customers

From our platform to our customer support, we are exclusively here to deliver an outstanding experience to you and your team.

Tom Worcester
Founder, Lunchbox Packs

"Finally, someone built a loyalty program for the 21st century. I've honestly been so fed up with existing loyalty programs so when we found Toki, we knew we had a better way to serve our community of 50,000 customers. "

Brad Savage
Founder, Gardencup

"Toki is the best value in ecommerce rewards, period. Their feature set is second to none in our experience, and their unreasonably accommodating support makes it feel like we have our own rewards team in-house. I tried several others in the past that never got fully implemented because the support was weak - Toki simply MAKES IT HAPPEN."

Hardeep Singh
Growth, Dr. Jen's

"We recognized the importance of a loyalty program for our brand, and sought a solution that could offer more than just cash back and incentives to our customers. Toki was that solution! The product itself is outstanding, constantly evolving, and has proven to be highly effective in increasing customer engagement and boosting revenue."

Tobias Töpel
Co-founder, SACHEU Beauty

"The best rewards app for Shopify that I've tried. The support from the Toki team has been great, both in terms of responsiveness and for customizing our program. Would highly recommend."

Michael Wieder
Co-founder, Lalo

"We've been really impressed by Toki. Although a newer app the potential Toki has to unlock for your business is limitless. The team is also provides great service and is really attacking the loyalty game differently than those before them. Highly recommend."

Zach Ranen
Founder, RAIZE Cookies

"The app has been an awesome way for us to better engage our customer and give them incentives to come back to our shop more often. Our customers love it. Aside from the commercial benefits, the Toki team is top notch. They provide incredible support - highly responsive, knowledgable, accommodating, and on a mission to help out store owners as best as possible."

Deep Integrations That Drive Revenue

Better integrations means better results. We pride ourselves in deep integrations allowing your customers to have a more unified experience with your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use marketing automation to identify hot leads and email your sales on team telling them to follow up problems and keep customer demand

1. What kind of support do I get from any plan?

Support depends on the plan you are on. For the Starter, Growth + Pro, we provide chat and email support. For Enterprise customers, we provide a CSM with special onboarding, design implementation and more.

2. What platforms does Toki work on?

Toki is a leading Shopify partner; however, if you are not on Shopify you can still use Toki via our public API's. Please request a demo to discuss implementation.

3. How does Toki compare with alternatives in the loyalty + referral space?

Please dive into our Head to Head documentation to compare and contrast with other options.

4. How do I chose the right plan?

The right plan depends on what goals you are looking to accomplish. Pro and Enterprise are our most popular plans as they lead to the highest revenue generation.

5. What are your contract lengths?

Contracts depend on which plan you are using. If you are on Starter, Growth or Pro, payments are done monthly with no annual contract. If you are on Enterprise, we work on an annual contract.

6. Do my customers need to download anything to use Toki?

Nope! We give you all the onsite tools and components you need so your customers can engage with you directly on your website.

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