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Discover the evolution of customer retention with Shopify loyalty program apps that prioritize unique experiences, flexibility, and transparency to drive customer activation, satisfaction, and recurring revenue.
Discover the evolution of customer retention with Shopify loyalty program apps that prioritize unique experiences, flexibility, and transparency to drive customer activation, satisfaction, and recurring revenue.

We’re in a new era of customer retention and acquisition. 

Gone are the days of offering a loyalty app for Shopify centered around “points for likes”.

The modern loyalty playbook activates users throughout the customer journey by focusing on three key elements:

  1. Unique experiences
  2. Flexibility
  3. Transparency

The best Shopify loyalty program apps help you say goodbye to boring rewards that don’t activate your customers, and hello to creating a valuable customer experience that drives retention, customer satisfaction, and recurring revenue to the moon.

Want to 10x your activation results? Here’s how.

Why Toki is the Best Shopify Loyalty App

TOKI reigns supreme as the best Shopify loyalty app for its innovative approach to developing brand loyalty. Are you ready to learn more about how businesses are leveling-up their customer retention game?

Earned Loyalty is No Longer Boring 

Pointless points. Boring activities. Difficult to manage UI.

Sound like your current Earned Loyalty program? Then, it’s time for a makeover.

Hum-drum-earned loyalty is a thing of the past. 

Next-gen loyalty involves more than collecting points for liking an Instagram post. It’s about creating engaging experiences your customers love and offering rewards that matter.

What does modern Earned Loyalty with Toki look like?

  • Rewarding zero-party data: Incentivize your audience for profile completions, quizzes, and surveys with store credit, cashback, or gifts at any time.
  • Engaging loyalty campaigns: Give users ongoing reasons to participate in airdrops, challenges, scavenger hunts, voting activities, and more.
  • Offering valuable non-discount rewards: Generate buzz with exclusive access to new drops, free gifts, and digital collectibles.

And if you’re wondering if our take on Earned Loyalty pays off, we’ve got the receipts. 

Brands using Toki have seen their organic revenue jump by 53%, their customer lifetime value shoot up by 89%, and their repeat purchase rate skyrocket by 110%.

Increase Your Recurring Revenue With Paid Memberships 

Everyone should offer a paid membership.

It helps you maximize the value of your superfans and cut down on how much you spend each month acquiring new customers while giving you a steady stream of recurring revenue.

And customers want paid loyalty programs.

67% of consumers would join a paid loyalty program if it offered significant benefits.

But how does TOKI help you create an irresistible paid membership?

  • A single retention dashboard: Manage your Earned and Paid Loyalty activities from one place and eliminate data silos.
  • Flexibility: Give users a flexible membership structure with rules that fit your brand's needs.
  • Engaging activities: Keep users activated with bonus challenges and allow members to unlock automated perks
  • Powerful analytics: Track your performance with membership analytics and export your data to your CRM to engage users on other marketing channels.

These features work together to activate your audience and increase the spend per transaction.

Co-Create With Your Customers to Drive Brand Loyalty

Community doesn’t exist without co-creation.

But what is it exactly, and how can you use it to boost sales?

Think of it as joining forces with your audience. Using features like Voting Activities, you let your loyal customers have a say in brand decisions. 

Co-creation works so well because it forges an emotional connection.

And people who feel that bond with a brand? 

Let’s look at an example.

RAIZE, a specialty online bakery, offers a tiered paid membership through our Shopify loyalty app. Depending on your level, you’ll get a specific amount of votes to use in polls about new flavor drops. The higher the tier, the more weight the vote carries.

Your customer feels involved in the process, and you can test market viability before spending a single cent.

It’s a win/win.

So don't just sell to them – create with them!

Boost Referral Revenue With Rewards Passes

Rewards passes give you a whole new way to supercharge sales.

Instead of reminding customers about your referral code post-purchase, you can create and incentivize users to download a branded Google or Apple Wallet referral pass.

It allows users to refer you on the spot, amplifying your word-of-mouth marketing. 

Want more?

Referral passes open your brand up to a new messaging channel. Using push notifications, you can skip crowded inboxes for easy customer communication and drive repeat sales with location-based pushes.

The result?

TOKI users with referral passes see a 10x lift in referral revenue.

Form Alliances With Like-Minded Brands to Boost Growth

Building alliances or coalition loyalty programs with like-minded brands isn't just a smart move – it's a growth accelerator. 

The days of single-player loyalty programs are a thing of the past. If you want to stand out from your competition, your loyalty app needs to do more than offer rewards for your brand.

By teaming up with other brands, you can:

  • Tap into a new pool of potential customers and boost brand awareness.
  • Boost sign-ups by offering unique perks and benefits. 66% of consumers will modify their spending to take advantage of loyalty benefits.
  • Share data on customer preferences, shopping behaviors, and trends to improve marketing campaigns.

So, if your Shopify loyalty app doesn’t help you form strategic alliances, you're missing out on a loyalty, retention, and growth goldmine.

Powerful Analytics to Maximize Results 

The secret to boosting your sales game?

Customer data.

It’s how you learn about your customers and understand their behaviors on a much deeper level.

Toki’s loyalty app for Shopify slices and dices your members into segments based on:

  • Reward level
  • Survey and voting answers
  • Challenges completed

Then, it lets you export the data to create lookalike audiences on other platforms.

And that's just the beginning.

The analytics dashboard gives you a real-time peek into what makes your loyalty base tick. Discover what membership tiers work best, what activities motivate your members, and the perks stealing the show.

The best part? TOKI helps you collect zero-party data. Your sales strategy is no longer based on educated guesses but on answers from your biggest superfans.


The era of repetitive rewards is over. 

The best loyalty app Shopify members look for engages with them throughout the entire customer journey - not only post-purchase.

With TOKI, you’re going beyond points and likes. You’re activating your audience in a meaningful way to build a sustainable, profitable business through more repeat purchases and organic traffic.

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