5 Ways to Drive Revenue with Customer Loyalty and Engagement

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CLTV with Yotpo
CLTV with Yotpo
CLTV with Yotpo
Discover how a customer-centric approach and the right customer engagement dashboard can boost customer loyalty, increase retention, and drive sustained profits for your ecommerce business.
CLTV with Yotpo
CLTV with Yotpo
CLTV with Yotpo
Discover how a customer-centric approach and the right customer engagement dashboard can boost customer loyalty, increase retention, and drive sustained profits for your ecommerce business.

You can’t create a transactional brand anymore — you can’t be only about the first purchase. Retention has to be top of mind.

Customer loyalty and engagement create a sustainable ecommerce business.

And that’s a fact.

According to research from Bain & Co, lifting customer retention by only 5% can increase profits between 25% to 95%.

But how do you build a loyal customer base that goes beyond a one-time transaction?

It starts with taking a customer-centric approach and cultivating relationships with your biggest fans to drive repeat business. It ends with choosing the right customer engagement dashboard.

5 Ways To Drive Revenue With Customer Loyalty and Engagement

Building a genuine connection with your audience is a game changer. It excites your customers about your brand and sets you apart from the competition, helping you avoid churn and a profit dip.

Here are five of the best strategies for boosting customer loyalty and your bottom line.

1. Create a Next-Gen Loyalty Program

Create a loyalty program. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

But if you opt-in for a rewards structure stuck in the dark ages, you won’t see enough retention to drive an uptick in revenue.

The secret to crafting an impactful loyalty program is to go beyond meaningless points and use personalization to create a customer-centric approach.

It starts with kicking “points for likes” to the curb.

Customers want rewards that matter with real, tangible value, like cashback and in-store credit, or creative perks like exclusive access to product drops or special collectibles.

Next, your loyalty program needs to go beyond cookie-cutter to thrive. 

That’s where personalization comes into play.

A successful rewards program hinges on tailoring your perks and brand to match your customers' interests, making them feel like VIPs, and giving them enough incentive to keep coming back.

Let's look at an example.

Gardencup had a problem. Its loyalty program, the Gardenclub, wasn’t activating, the activities were boring, and it wasn’t driving engagement or revenue.

After strategic discussions, the brand decided to rebuild its loyalty program to hinge upon time spent on the subscription.

Its “power eaters” can earn 3%-9% cashback on every order. The more you spend, the more tiers you unlock, the bigger your discounts and rewards.

This shift makes the loyalty journey an exciting and immersive experience. Your customers feel genuinely valued, and it forms a hard-to-beat connection that boosts retention and sales.

2. Set Up a Powerful Omnichannel Referral Program 

It’s no secret.

Referrals are the lifeblood of any business.

But if you’re only asking your customers to refer a friend post-purchase or relying on the ‘Give $10, Get $10’ module in the footer of your website - you’re missing out.

To take your revenue (and customer engagement) up a notch, activate your customers in an omnichannel world with referral passes on their mobile.

No matter where your customers are (on the beach, at work, or in the gym), if your brand comes up, they can refer you on the spot with an exclusive code.

Hello, constant referrals!

TOKI can set up your branded Google or Apple Wallet pass and incentivize card downloads with kickbacks of your choice.

You can also set up a rewards activity to reward a friend for joining the rewards program. It’s a much smaller ask that gets your foot in the door with a new potential customer.

But the biggest business benefit?

Push notifications.

A branded Google or Apple Wallet referral pass means you can skip the chaos of email and SMS chatter and connect to your loyalty members without an app download. 

Use the communication channel to remind customers about your referral program, highlight promotions, and use location-based pushes to drive more sales anytime, anywhere.

3. Create Interactive Experiences 

Scavenger hunts. Creative challenges. Polls. Surveys.

Each one is a powerful tool on your customer engagement dashboard to foster a sense of brand loyalty to drive revenue growth.

Let’s look at a few examples.

You’re launching a new collection for your activewear line. You want to generate buzz and engagement that truly ACTIVATES your audience beyond social media and email blasts.

Enter digital scavenger hunts.

It encourages your customers to explore your new product line, increasing product visibility and rewarding your day ones for taking part.

Challenges are a fun way to improve your retention and referral program.

Gardencup motivates its audience with three action items:

  1. #EatMoreProduce Challenge: The longer you stay on a subscription, the more produce point bonuses you get.
  2. #Gardenparty Challenge: The more friends you refer to Gardencup, the more produce point bonuses you get.
  3. #Asaladaday Challenge: Post a story a day with your Gardencup in hand for 30 days straight – a $30 cash bonus.

Lastly, polls, quizzes, and surveys are an invaluable opportunity to collect insights into your customer preferences and use zero-party data to improve your offerings and marketing strategies.

Add a quiz to your home page, a survey post-purchase, or poll your customers on their likes and dislikes.

By engaging customers through interactive content, you establish a more meaningful connection that extends beyond transactions, ultimately boosting customer loyalty and keeping your brand top of mind.

4. Co-Create With Your Audience To Boost Brand Affinity 

How involved is your audience with your brand?

If the answer is “not at all,” it’s time to switch things up.

Co-creation allows you to create a sense of brand ownership. This involvement nurtures a deeper emotional connection as your audience sees their preferences and opinions shaping the brand's direction.

Other benefits include:

  • Uncovering new perspectives
  • Cultivating a strong community
  • Enhancing the overall customer experience

RAIZE is an excellent example of co-creation done right.

The online bakery collaborates with its loyalty members on new cookie flavor drops. Using TOKI, those votes are weighted against their loyalty tier.

The result? Superfans get more votes and early access to exclusive drops. This collaboration translates to higher sales because members are invested in the process and eagerly awaiting the batch of cookies they helped to create.

On the other side, RAIZE gets to see what’s resonating with their real customers without relying on educated guesses.

Say goodbye to unsold inventory and hello to maximizing revenue!

Here are more examples of co-creation in action from some of the world’s top brands:

  • Unilever’s Open Innovation platform:  It presents specific challenges to the public and asks customers to submit solutions for potential adoption.
  • Co-Create with IKEA: The digital platform encourages customers to develop new products with product suggestions, idea boot camps, and collaborating with university students on product solutions.
  • LEGO Ideas: The crowdsourcing platform is an open-source approach to product development for the brand. It’s received over one million suggestions since its inception in 2004.

To have a successful retention strategy, you have to create relationships with your customers. Deliver value at every touch point, products and perks they actually want, and create a community — customers want to be heard, they want a connection.

James Reu, Ecommerce Manager

5. Drive Loyalty and Growth Through Collaborative Brand Alliances 

Single-player loyalty programs are out.

Multiplayer is your strategic ace up your sleeve.


You’re creating a perk your competitors can’t duplicate.

By pooling your resources, you can offer more diversified and enticing perks, amplifying your value proposition and introducing your brand to new audiences.

That’s a powerful way to foster brand loyalty while expanding your reach and brand visibility.

But there’s only one small problem.

Well, two.

  1. How do you find like-minded brands to collaborate with?
  2. How do you manage a loyalty program across multiple businesses?

The answer to both those questions is simple.


The Smart Matcher feature on the customer engagement dashboard helps you search for alliance brands across the TOKI ecosystem. You’ll also receive AI recommendations to make the process easier, and setting up the loyalty alliance takes only three clicks.

That’s it.

Driving Revenue With Loyalty: Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about driving revenue with loyalty? Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How does a loyalty program increase revenue? 

Loyalty programs increase revenue because you’re driving customer satisfaction and rewarding retention. The happier someone is with your brand, and the more valued they feel, the less likely they are to leave and buy from a competitor. 

What are the key drivers of brand loyalty?

The key drivers are trust, aspiration and exclusivity, personalization, identity-led loyalty, and an enjoyable customer experience. A loyalty program helps you achieve each one.

How much do loyalty programs impact revenue? 

According to a study by McKinsey, the top-performing loyalty programs boost revenue by 15% to 25% annually.

Put Your Loyalty To Work With a Customer Engagement Suite

Generating revenue growth from customer loyalty doesn’t need to be rocket science.

By adjusting your strategy to a more customer-centric approach, you can create interactive and engaging experiences your superfans will love.

Embrace the power of personalization, challenges, brand alliances, co-creating with your audience, and curating a loyalty program that does more than dish out points for likes.

With TOKI as your customer engagement dashboard partner, you’ll have a comprehensive toolkit to help you drive more revenue while making sure your day ones always feel rewarded.

How much revenue, you ask?

  • 53% increase in organic revenue
  • 42% increase in referral revenue
  • 110% increase in repeat purchase rate

Ready to try the modern loyalty playbook? Get started with TOKI for free.

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