Supercharge your data collection with Octane AI and KnoCommerce

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Unlock the Power of Data Collection with Octane AI and KnoCommerce: Elevate Your E-commerce Strategy for Greater Success.
Unlock the Power of Data Collection with Octane AI and KnoCommerce: Elevate Your E-commerce Strategy for Greater Success.

The smartest e-commerce brands in 2022 are not having a one way conversation.  If you look at Jones Road Beauty and Starface, you'll notice they aren’t just selling you their product, they are learning and gathering information about you with your every move.  And not in the weird way.  In the ‘we just want to deliver you a better experience’ way.

Due to iOS changes, collecting this type of data has become more important than ever.  The best way to combat these changes is by investing in third party platforms that focus on collecting more information from your customers.  We are going to walk through two platforms that help with zero party data collection, then walk through how you incentivize this data collection in your e-commerce strategy.

Octane AI

Octane AI is the conversational quiz and zero-party data platform that sells products on your Shopify store. Octane AI makes e-commerce brands' websites interactive with a quiz that can ask visitors questions, recommend products that leads to sales, and help them create more targeted and effective emails. Thousands of Shopify brands use Octane AI to recommend products and collect valuable zero-party data in the process.

Octane AI is trusted by some of the fastest-growing DTC brands in the world.

Kno Commerce

KnoCommerce is a post purchase survey platform that allows you to collect information from your customers after checkout. KnoCommerce is specifically helpful for customer attribution as it allows you to ask customers how they heard about you or why they made a purchase with you. Many brands in the KnoCommerce ecosystem attribute the platform being instrumental in their decision making around their marketing budgets.

KnoCommerce works with some of the fastest growing D2C brands in the Shopify ecosystem like Pura Vida, Jones Road Beauty, Kizik, OLIPOP, and more.

How this works with incentives

While platforms like Octane and KnoCommerce typically have strong response rates - for example, 40% for quizzes and 65-70% for surveys, respectively - incentives can greatly increase these completion rates. By using Toki, brands can reward their customers for taking a quiz, completing a survey and, generally, providing zero-party data.

With Toki, the tokens your customers collect result in discounts, free shipping, token-gated collections and free gifts.  We track the ROI so that you can directly see how the increase in collection rate directly correlates to the rewards you are giving.

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