Case Study

How Starday Enriches Customer Data with Toki Loyalty Incentives

Elise DeCamp
May 14, 2023

Over the past few months, we have gotten the pleasure of working with a number of outstanding brands helping them understand and best serve their customers and most loyal fans. We are kicking off a series on some of these activations starting with Starday Foods - a next generation food conglomerate. Starday utilized the Toki Loyalty rails to implement a best in class membership experience for their customers allowing them to get benefits for engaging with all of their brands which includes Gooey, All Day, Habeya and another brand announcing soon!

One of the core focuses of Starday is on being an omnichannel brand. We launched a loyalty program for Starday all under one umbrella where a customer would gain rewards for engaging with any of the four core Starday brands and would have the ability to utilize these perks cross brand.

Starday is a data driven company. They leverage best practices from the software industry to enable speed, efficiency, and empathy in food and beverage product development. With data-first, they are able to launch CPG companies that are highly aligned with consumer demand and always at the forefront of the future of food.

The Starday brand is all about inclusivity which meant building an earned loyalty program versus a paid program. Starday set up their brand tokens to be “stars” and set up activities such that their customers could earn their way into membership tiers. Rewards can be earned through social activities, referral activities and even challenges. However the most important way they reward their customers is through data collection and feedback.

Understanding their customer better

One of the most important reasons Starday chose Toki as their loyalty partner was due to their focus on consumer data. The Starday team is constantly looking to better understand their customers, what they want and how they should build their brands based on these needs. Toki’s integration with Klaviyo allowed them to collect this data not only pre-conversion and at checkout but also post purchase in email/SMS flows. They then implemented the Toki + Snowflake integration so that they could pass back zero party data information to their database and better understand their customer. 

Starday utilized two highlighted Toki exclusive features - Zero Party Data Activities and Voting Activities.

Some use cases included:

  • Collecting an NPS + product feedback post purchase
  • Collecting more consumer data post purchase like where they live, household income, etc.
  • Promoting product surveys on what products their customers would like to see them do next

Toki is all about helping brands reward their customers for sharing more background on themselves and reward their customers for co-creating brand initiatives together.

Activating in person

Lastly, as Starday is an omnichannel brand, they were eager to take advantage of Toki’s Apple Wallet integration which would allow their superfans to share their referral discount in person (as shared in the image above).

Interested in joining the Starday program? Start collecting stars, unlock the Solar Membership Tier and get 20% off your next Starday order. Tap the Rewards Icon on any of their brand websites (i.e. Spicy Rewards at All Day)

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