Case study

How Raize Co-creates with their Superfans

Elise DeCamp
May 17, 2023

Working with RAIZE on their loyalty program was pretty sweet. As the second feature in our Loyalty Programs series, we go deeper down the CPG rabbit hole to focus on RAIZE. RAIZE bakes the best-tasting cookies that won't spike your blood sugar. Low-carb, zero added sugar, gluten-free, no artificial sweeteners, and delicious! Though they are a pretty new company, the RAIZE community is already die-hard, which is why we were excited to hear RAIZE had chosen to utilize the Toki Loyalty rails to implement a best in class membership experience for their customers.

While most brands come to Toki with experience with other loyalty platforms, this was RAIZE’s first rodeo. Zach Ranen was skeptical of earned loyalty programs because he did not believe discounts resulted in long term customer/brand alignment. Something we have heard a lot here at Toki.

With this in mind, one of the core focuses of the RAIZE/Toki program became maintaining the RAIZE brand equity. The team at RAIZE really liked the idea behind Toki because they could give out perks related to building their community and reward customers for engaging with their community, without hurting their margins.

The RAIZE brand is all about inclusivity which meant building an earned loyalty program versus a paid program. RAIZE set up their brand tokens to be “bites” and set up activities such that their customers could earn their way into four different membership tiers. Rewards can be earned through social activities, referral activities and even challenges. 

Non-dilutive Perks 

As a very social company, RAIZE leaned into rewarding social behaviors like Joining their FB community, posting on TikTok and of course purchasing their delicious cookies. However, they wanted to get more creative with the perks they were giving in return. We at Toki suggested rewarding their strong community with 1) Access to new flavors before anyone else with our Gated Permissioning Perk and 2) Ability to vote in brand decisions with Voting Weighted by Reward Tier.

With these automated settings, the team at RAIZE would be able to really activate and captivate their audience. Their customers would earn their way into Memberships which would give them access to new flavor drops - Sweet Tooth gets 2 day early access, Cookie Monster gets 3 day early access and VIP gets access to new drops first thing! 

These new drops would also be completely co-created. Tier Members would earn the ability to vote on new flavors and their votes would be weighted based on what tier they are in - with VIP votes counting for 5x the amount! 

RAIZE utilized the Toki  + Klaviyo integration in order to communicate this program and re-engage their customers long term.

Get Involved

We are excited for RAIZE to see continued engagement and success with their loyalty program. Interested in joining the RAIZE program? Start collecting bites, unlock the Taste Tester Membership and get free shipping on your first RAIZE order. Join today.

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